Sacred Heart Parish of Du Quoin, Illinois – Founded In 1857
Immaculate Conception Parish of Tamaroa, Illinois – Founded in 1904

January 19, 2020

We hope your stay in our area is pleasant and enjoyable .
We pray for your safety on your return travel back home.

Do Not Be Afraid To Be Loved By GOD

This is a powerful summon to all of us. You too need to see the entirety of your life as a mission. Always ask the Spirit what Jesus expects from you at every moment of your life and in every decision you must make, so as to discern its place in the mission you have received.

“Pope Francis Apostolic Letter; “Gaudete et exsultate,”On the call to holiness in today’s world”

Behold the Lamb of God

I wonder if anyone understood John the Baptist when he called Jesus the Lamb of God. Did they associate that name with the paschal lamb whose blood protected the Israelites from the Angel of Death? After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the apostles began to understand that Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross, freed us all from sin and death. Yet here is the Baptizer already acting like a disciple before Jesus has gathered any disciples or even begun to preach. In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist gives us some hints about discipleship.

First, John trusts God with things he does not understand. He says twice that he did not know Jesus, yet he trusts God’s revelation that Jesus would “baptize with the Holy Spirit” (John 1:33). We also may not always understand where God is leading us. If you have lost a loved one, are looking for work when no one is hiring, or are dealing with serious illness, this is the time to trust that God still loves and cares for you.

John also knew that doing God’s work meant that God was working through him. Originally John baptized others as sign of repentance, but he soon came to see that his real work was to make Jesus “known to Israel” (John 1:31). When we try to do what God wants, it is good to remember that God is the one in control and who decides what the result will be. What looks like failure to us can be success in God’s eyes.

John’s third hint teaches us that a disciple shares his or her faith in God. So John testifies that Jesus is the Son of God. While that sounds obvious to us, it took courage to say that to people who would have thought it blasphemy. Even today, when Jesus is known throughout the world, we still need to share our faith experiences so those without faith may be attracted to it, and even those with faith can be encouraged by our sharing. You may be surprised to find that your own faith deepens the more you share it with others. As we point out the Lamb of God to those who don’t know him, we get to know him better ourselves.

Tom Schmidt, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.

Sacred Heart

Saturday, January 18 – Weekday
4:30 – 4:45 pm Confession
5:00 pm Mass

  • Tom Moss by Betty & Brenda

Sunday, January 19

8:00 – 8:15 am Confession
8:30 am Mass

  • Sam & Josephine Riggio by Toni & family

Monday, January 20 – Weekday
Saint Fabian, Pope, Martyr; Saint Sebastian, Martyr

6:45 am Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society Wilbur Hemmer by the Parish
  • John L. Green by Bill & Betty Eastman

Tuesday, January 21 – Weekday
Saint Agnes, Virgin, Martyr

6:30 am Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Milinda Riggio by Juanita Ray

Wednesday, January 22 – Weekday
5:30 pm Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Shirley Cucchi by Knights of Columbus #1298

Thursday, January 23 – Weekday
Saint Vincent, Deacon, Martyr; Saint Marianne Cope, Virgin

6:45 am Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • John R. Alongi by Brad & Jamie Galli

Friday, January 24 – Weekday
Saint Francis de Sales, Biship, Doctor of the Church

8:00 am Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Sam Riggio by Kimbra Schafer & Antoinette Haner

Saturday, January 25 – Weekday

4:00 pm Rosary
4:30 – 4:45 pm Confession
5:00 pm Mass

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Steve & Barbara Butkovich by Linda & Rex Duncan
  • Eugene Majarecon by Tony & Tess Jones
  • John Jones by Tony & Tess Jones
  • Vincent Solis by Tony & Tess Jones

Sunday, January 26

8:00 am Rosary
8:00 – 8:15 am Confession
8:30 am Mass: Catholic Extension Society

  • Loretta J. Schneider by Anton, Re and Renee

Sacred Heart

USHERS for the Month of January:

Saturday: Paul Martin, Tony Jones, Steve McCrary, Harold Calderon

Sunday: David Martin, Jon Olinger, Tony Kellerman, Tim Cobin

Saturday, January 25th

Gift Bearers: Guy & Rose Alongi
Servers: Ron Mann & Anna Rose Sheehan
Lector: Barb Brock
Extraordinary Ministers: Ken Scaglione, Richard Rottschalk, Pete Riggio, Kelly Paxton ©

Sunday, January 26th

Gift Bearers: Don & Beverly Harsy
Servers: Gabby Alongi/Violet Searby & Jesus Sanchez 
Lector: Henry Born
Extraordinary Ministers: Chris Kelley, Marian Whitson, Mary Beth Lane, Allen Martin©

Saturday, January 18
Second Collection: CSMA

Sunday, January 19
Second Collection: CSMA

Monday, January 20
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Office Closed 8 am to noon – Quilting at Haffner Hall

Tuesday, January 21
8 am to noon – Quilting at Haffner Hall
5:30 pm Parish Council meeting at Haffner Hall

Wednesday, January 22
7:00 am – 8:00 pm – Eucharistic Adoration 8:30 am – Fr. Joseph at St. Bruno school mass

Thursday, January 23
5:30 pm – Capital Planning meeting in school library
6:00 pm – RCIA: Life in Christ; Christian Morality
6:00 pm – Choir

Friday, January 24

Saturday, January 25
Second Collection: Black & Indian Mission
8:00 am HALOM & Tree of New Life meeting at Hall
6:00 pm – Winter Social at Haffner Hall

Sunday, January 26
Second Collection: Black & Indian Mission

Please continue to keep Fr. Walter
in your hearts and in your prayers!

Immaculate Conception

Saturday, January 18 – Weekday
4:30 – 4:45 pm Confession at Sacred Heart
5:00 pm Mass at Sacred Heart

  • Tom Moss by Betty & Brenda

Sunday, January 19

Second Collection: CSMA
10:00 am Mass

  • The Parish Family

Monday, January 20 – Weekday
Saint Fabian, Pope, Martyr; Saint Sebastian, Martyr

Tuesday, January 21 – Weekday
Saint Agnes, Virgin, Martyr

Wednesday, January 22 – Weekday
5:30 pm Mass at Sacred Heart

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Shirley Cucchi by Knights of Columbus #1298

Thursday, January 23 – Weekday
Saint Vincent, Deacon, Martyr; Saint Marianne Cope, Virgin

6:00 pm Parish Council & Finance meeting at rectory

Friday, January 24 – Weekday
Saint Francis de Sales, Biship, Doctor of the Church

Saturday, January 25 – Weekday

4:30 – 4:45 pm Confession at Sacred Heart
5:00 pm Mass at Sacred Heart

  • Catholic Extension Society
  • Steve & Barbara Butkovich by Linda & Rex Duncan
  • Eugene Majarecon by Tony & Tess Jones
  • John Jones by Tony & Tess Jones
  • Vincent Solis by Tony & Tess Jones

Sunday, January 19

Second Collection: CSMA
9:35 am Rosary
10:00 am Mass

  • Paul Kuberski, Sr. by The Family


Thanks, Kelly

Immaculate Conception

Sunday, January 26th – 10:00 am

Extraordinary Ministers: Mary Nippe,
Janet Harris, Kathy Rulevish
Lector: Gary Reidelberger 
Sweet Treats: Janet Harris


1. Office Hours: Thursdays from 8AM to 2PM – When office is closed, please call 542-3423 (Sacred Heart) for assistance.

2. Planned Giving: Would you consider Immaculate Conception Church in your will or trust? Do you have an insurance policy that no longer fits your needs? You can donate it to Immaculate Conception Church and receive tax benefits as well as the satisfaction of helping the future of our parishes.

IC Parish Hall Rental Rates

$25/hr – Parishioner
$40/hr – Non-Parishioner
$100 deposit


Beginning this Sunday, January 19th, at Immaculate Conception Church, we will begin praying the rosary before each mass at 9:35 am. If you would be willing to lead the prayers, please contact
Diana Majewski at 318- 1306 or
Janet Harris at 318-1649.

CDA #1790 meeting

CDA court 1790 January meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 20, at 7:00pm. We will meet at St. Charles. Committee members are: Door Prize- Brenda Ksycki, Student Burse– Rose Kujawa, Bingo Prizes- Diane Majewski and Rose Pestka. All committee members are to bring refreshments.

Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who graciously gave of their time and talent to paint and reorganize the church rectory interior. Everything looks so nice and refreshed! Thanks for giving your precious time and all of your hard work!


Everyone is invited to help clean our church! When: Wednesday, January 22nd at 1:30 pm. Hope to see you there!!

Please Pray For . . .

Nursing Home: Marcia Stacey, LynnFinn, Regina “Jeannie” Davison, Connie Horst, Liz VanZandt, Shirley Forys, Marie Dubravek.

Sick: Josh Ritter, Sally Fontana, Linda Meyer, John Croessman, Adelyn Jones, Juanita Ray, Loretta Schneider, Norma Martin, John Dale, Sondra Kuberski, Crystal Hurt, Jim Getzie, Betty Moss, Laura Porter, Joan Kowalski, Danette Mohr, Jeremy Cobin, Susan Heape, Linda Huffman, Terry Chastain, Joann Isom, Mary Iffert, Devoney Alvis, James Feger, Gordon Huffman, Rose Pestka, Rev. Msgr. Ken Schaefer, Rev. Joseph Rascher, Richard Wayman, Lois Tennison, Luis Uy & sister, Kathy Uy, Kyle Crawford, Chris Kelley, Larry Hutson, Nina Gaines, Jeannie Nelms, Charlie Bowlin, Frances Piotrowski, Helen Mossa, Jo Ellen Rodely.

Military Personnel: Col. Aaron S. Cowley, SSgt. Jordan Keller, MGSgt (ret.) Thomas D. Sims , Sgt. Derek S. Sims, ITS1(SS/AW) John Kelley, SSgt. Patrick Kelley, SPC Mark Yanez, PV2 Jared Albers, Lt. Col. Carly Sims , Lt. Col. Cory Jones, Sgt. 1st. Cl. Caleb VanVoorhis, SSgt Tyler Jeffers, Lance Cpl. Drew Ferguson, Petty Ofc. 3rd Class Clayton Wyciskalla, Lance Corporal Noah Mabry U.S.M.C., Major Andrew Martin, USAF Airman E-1 Hunter Hill.

Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion:

Please pray for our students who are receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion. Confirmation will be held at St. Bruno on Monday, April 20th at 6:30 pm. First Communion will be held on Sunday, April 19th at the 8:30 am Sacred Heart mass. Confirmation class – Grayson Benson, Addison Galbraith, Sydnay Galbraith, Rileigh Harris, Hannah Kelley, Karsen Konkel, Auna McClure, Olivia Numi, Ellie Searby, and Anna Rose Sheehan. First Communion class – Ethan Elder, Sophie Kellerman, Mason Kern, Carrigan Kremer, Owen May, Tripp Pfeiffer, and Harrison Still.

Please continue to pray for Tony Kellerman during his second year of studies of the five year program in the Deacon Formation Program

Sympathy is extended to the family of
James Spangler
Who passed away Saturday, January 11th
May he rest in peace.
Please keep his wife Lydie in your prayers

Groups News:

January 6: JOY Cursillo
January 13: Carolyn & Shannon Williams
January 20: Alongi Family
January 27: Donna M. & Diane D.
Please make sure to check dates for delivering

New Funeral Dinner Committee

We have a new Funeral Dinner Committee. Parishioners will be called for making food dishes and working. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help or contribute any time, please call:

Theresa Swain: 775-934-6366
Patty Reaves: 618-542-6895
Rita Riggio: 618-571-2132
Barb Craft: 618-571-4562
Cyrilla Prusacki: 618-542-3422

Next PSR Classes – February 5th!

Mass begins at 5:30 pm and class ends at 8:00 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!!

High school youth news…

Sunday, February 9th: Going to Sunday evening mass at the Newman Center on SIU’s campus. Meet & leave from SH parking lot at 4:30.
February 15-17: Teens Encounter Christ weekend @ Mt. Vernon (juniors/seniors)
March 14-15: QUEST weekend @ Sacred Heart (freshman/sophomores)

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA classes began, but there is still time to join.

Each year on Holy Saturday during the Easter Vigil, thousands are baptized into the Catholic Church in the United States. Parishes welcome these new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). USCCB.org. Do you know someone who is seeking a relationship with Christ the Savior? Someone who has fallen away from their faith and is searching for more? Don’t be afraid to ask them to Come & See what RCIA is all about. Classes will be beginning this September. Call the rectory if you would like to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for you!!


Is one of your favorite times to be in Church when it’s quiet and you are alone with your thoughts to the Lord? Then why not come and enjoy that feeling of warmth and love a couple of times a month and join Eucharistic Adoration held at Sacred Heart Church? You can pray, just talk to God or just simply listen to what He has to tell you.

Many have asked why we have a schedule of Adorers. It is because once the Body of Christ is placed into the Monstrance and it is displayed on the altar, it cannot be left alone. Anyone can come at anytime, stay as long as they wish. We are, however, looking for someone to fill a couple of hours during our Adoration time. If you are interested in participating in this devotion please call Lisa Mohr @ 542-4635. God Bless You.

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News For This Week:


When a priest celebrates Mass each day, he offers each celebration of the Eucharist for a particular person, or intention. By doing so he applies special graces from God upon that person or intention.

Would you like to offer a mass for someone special? If so, please contact Kelly at the office (Thursday 496-5867 or any other day 542-3423). Mass intentions are $10 per person.

The Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal… Blessed to receive, chosen to give

At Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School – the only remaining Catholic elementary school in East St. Louis – 100% of the students graduate from high school and 95% attend colleges and universities! Your support of The Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal helps to make this possible. If you have not already done so, please consider making a gift today. The youngsters at Sister Thea Bowman are counting on you.


Winter is here and the clothes closet needs gently used blankets and coats. Volunteers are needed even 3 hours a month would help. Please call Suzanne Majewski at 357-0628 or Marlene Kellerman at 559-2720. We will pick up items.


The Capital Campaign (Keep The Faith Growing) has reached 89% of our $200,000 target. If you have not made a pledge, please take prayerful consideration and return your pledge card so that we can reach our goal. Thank you for your generosity.


February is Catholic Press Month. Our diocese has much to celebrate this month thanks to our vibrant diocesan newspaper, The Messenger.

Twice a month, The Messenger comes to your home to nurture your faith with local and national news and information not available anywhere else. Our diocesan newspaper is very helpful in communicating the life of our parishes, schools and Catholic organizations as well as sharing the teaching of our faith, and the mission of our diocese. The Messenger’s content is important and cannot be found in secular publications. To continue that important work, I ask you to subscribe today to The Messenger. If you are already a subscriber, please renew your subscription.

Subscription rates are still a low $25 for an entire year of inspiring stories, features, and commentary — all provided in the context of the Catholic Faith we share throughout our 28-county diocese and beyond. You can receive The Messenger in whatever format you prefer — in digital form viewable on any computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader or in the traditional newspaper format. To subscribe, please return The Messenger subscription envelope either by mail or in your parish collection basket.

Memorial Bricks/Remembrance Bricks


The Winter 2019 issue of Catholic Extension’s magazine, Extension, features Lumen Christi Award recipient and finalists. This award honors amazing individual and groups who are transforming the lives of thousands of people throughout our country in powerful and inspiring ways.

Pick up a free copy of Extension magazine at the entrances of church. Its inspiring stories will help you understand the diversity and scope of the Catholic Church in America – in places where faith is strong, but resources are limited. A digital version of the magazine can be found at www.catholicextension.org/extension-magazine-newest.

Day of Prayer –
Legal Protection of Unborn Children

January 22 – In all the dioceses of the United States, January 22nd will be observed as a day of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life and of penance for violations to the dignity of human person committed through acts of abortion.

Annual Sacred Heart Quarter Auction & Pork Steak Dinner

February 22 – This year’s Annual Sacred Heart Quarter Auction and Pork Steak Dinner will be held on Saturday, February 22! The Pork Steak Dinner will be 4 – 7 pm with the Quarter Auction beginning at 7:00 pm. Vendors will be set up to shop with throughout dinner and the auction. This is a fun, family friendly event!

If you would like to help out by working, collecting donations or making a donation, please contact Elizabeth Benson at 318-9385

If you know someone who can no longer attend mass, is sick, or homebound but who would like a visit or to receive Communion, please contact Kelly at the rectory office by calling 542-3423, or sending an email to sacredheartduquoin@gmail.com. And if you would like to help by visiting some of those that are homebound, please contact the office also. Together we can celebrate the Year of Mercy!

St. Bruno
Catholic School News

Learn more about St. Bruno Catholic School at www.stbrunoschool.com


January 20 – No School
January 26 – PTO Breakfast
January 26-31- Catholic School’s Week February 14 – 12:20 Dismissal
February 17 – No School
March 7 – Dueling Pianos
March 13 – Come and See Day


March 13, 9:00-11:00 – Come and See Day for all grades. Anyone who wants to come to see what St. Bruno School has to offer may join one of our class- rooms. Please call 357-8276 to register for this day.


March 7 – Dueling Pianos by Felix and Fingers will be performing on March 7 at the Columbian Club. This is a very fun event! All proceeds and tips will benefit St. Bruno School. More details coming soon! Join our Facebook event page for instant updates.


“Like” our Facebook page (St. Bruno Catholic School Pinckneyville) for updates on our daily cash raffle and monthly gun raffle winners! If you would still like to purchase a calendar for this daily 2020 drawing please contact any St. Bruno parent or the school.

Perry County Marketplace Receipts

St. Bruno School is collecting all Perry County Marketplace receipts dated Sept 1 forward to earn prizes. Receipts can be given to any St. Bruno parent or dropped at the rectory.

Thank You for your continued support! Please pray for the success and longevity of St. Bruno Catholic School!

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Respect Life Corner

In Isaiah 49:5 “And now saith the Lord, that formed me from the womb to be His servant,”…this weekend we pray for and remember the precious lives of 62,500,000 babies who have been lost to abortion since the passage of Roe versus Wade. If we take a moment of silence for each baby lost to abortion, using a minute as a moment…we would be silent for 119 years! The silence would be deafening. Earlier this month, Pope Francis spoke on the primacy of women as sources of life. “Yet they are continually offended, beaten, raped, coaxed into prostitution and to kill the life that occurs in their womb. Any violence inflicted on women is a profanation of God, born of woman…our level of humanity can be judged on how we treat a woman’s body…the most noble flesh in the world and the admiration of creation.”

Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: Consider joining coalitionforlifestl.com and be trained to help women facing a crisis pregnancy in our area, right now. Mention revealmosaic.com to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy for many FREE services…from medical care and parenting classes to job training, mentoring and financial help. Pray for dignity of life at all its stages.

God’s Gift of Forgiveness Through His Son-

Televised Sunday Mass

A televised Sunday Mass is now airing on ABC Family from 5:30 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. each Sunday morning. The Sunday Mass is produced by the Passionist Fathers and Brothers out of New York City and in available nationally on local affiliates. This is a special ministry, particularly for the elderly and the infirmed. It’s also available online:  http://thesundaymass.org

EWTN Global Catholic Network

Originally known as the Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN provides inspirational talk shows, original Catholic teaching series, animated programs for kids, live church coverage and documentaries. Tune in to channel 261 on DISH Network Satellite TV, channel 370 on DirecTV, and channel 94 for NewWave Communications for all EWTN has to offer or go to:  http://www.ewtn.com/tv/

Parish Staff
for both Churches

Reverend Joseph Oganda
– Pastor of
Sacred Heart Church
Immaculate Conception

Kelly Paxton
– Secretary:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Tony Kellerman
– Maintenance:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Jeremy Cornett
– Parish Council President
Sacred Heart

Tiffany Kujawa
– Parish Council President
Immaculate Conception

Mary Beth Lane
– Coord. of Religious Education
Sacred Heart

Krista Piotrowski
– Youth Minister
Sacred Heart

Parish Contact Information
for both Churches

17 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Rectory Phone – 618-542-3423
Rectory Fax – 618-542-5061

Email – sacredheartduquoin@gmail.com

Sacred Heart Catholic Church:
100 West Main St., Du Quoin, IL 62832
Phone – 618-542-3423
Haffner Hall rental – 618-542-3423

Haffner Hall Phone – 618-542-2285
16 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Parish Council President – 618-542-6298

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
533 W 2nd North St, Tamaroa, IL 62888
Phone – 618-496-5867

Immaculate Conception Hall rental
– 618-496-5867
Parish Council President
– 618-559-1078

– Suzanne McCrary


1. Baptism – During or after weekend Masses by appointment. Must be a registered member and attend baptismal preparation session.

2. Marriage – You must notify the Pastor at least six months prior to preferred wedding date. The sooner the better, since it will give you more time to prepare. This is a diocesan rule. Please do not consider yourself an exception.

3. Reconciliation – See Mass schedule or anytime by appointment.

4. 2019 Parish Council: President: Jeremy Cornett;
Vice President: Gary Brock; Secretary: Betty Eastman
Members: Margie Born, Tony Jones, Joe Lane, Sam Loiacono, Debbie Olinger
Trustees: David Martin and Kathy Scaglione

5. Social Justice Collection – benefit the Food Pantry, Weekend Warriors, Community Clothes Closet, and Sister Parish will be taken up the first Sunday of every month. Please give generously.

6. Family Registration: Please inform the rectory of changes you may have, example: adult children that have moved away from parent’s home, address change, phone number change (removal of house phone), cell phone added or a name change (married). This would be most helpful to ensure ALL parishioners can be included in our Church Family functions. You may call the rectory 542-3423 or place changes in the collection basket. Family Registration may also be picked up in the foyer.

7. Parish Priest and Ministers of the care visit those who are homebound, nursing home residents and hospital patients. If you or someone you know would like a visit please contact the rectory 542-3423.


Every other Wednesday
7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sacred Heart Church

Praying to the Lord! What a beautiful feeling that brings to your life!
If you would like to experience this feeling – come enjoy Eucharistic Adoration!