Hi everyone  – Since we cannot have a special gathering for Fr. Joseph’s 10 year ordination anniversary, we will be having a social distancing parade past the rectory on Friday, May 22nd at 6 pm.  Please meet in the Banterra Bank parking lot or if there is an overflow, we can park in the church parking lot.  We will head in front of church then turn north past the rectory.  We will have Fr. Joseph seated in the front of the rectory so you can honk, wave, make a sign to show him how special he is!  If you are a committee head please contact your members.  Suzanne, please post on the parish website, Mary Beth – contact your PSR teachers to contact their classes families.  Everybody get the word out!  The more the merrier!  

Fr. Joseph does know about this, so lets show him our appreciation for his wonderful leadership!

Fr. Joseph has set up a new Facebook page.  It is called
 Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception Church.
  He is posting daily reflections and hopefully, soon,

he will post mass video’s as well.

Reclaim your time. Reverse the distance. Reconnect.
What are you doing while stuck at home? Why not use this time to make a commitment to prayer and be a little more intentional about your spiritual life?
Join Father Steven Beatty and a variety of speakers for a seven-day at-home retreat starting Sunday, April 19. Find out more by going to the Reconnect website or log in to the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/reconnected.church
This day is the Lord’s!

A Message from the Apostolic Nuncio

Financial Support to our Parishes

Dear Parishioners,

We are facing a tough and challenging moment during this time and we pray that God will soon come to to our aid.  Please do not forget your parish at this time.  Your financial support remains an integral part of parish life and the continued operation of our parishes,  We encourage you to continue ot give your talents, treasures and offerings at this difficult time.  We encourage you to use online giving, mail, or drop them off at the parish office.  Thank you for your generosity.  You are in our prayers.

Church Envelope Drop off Boxes

           Due to the current situation, we have placed secure drop off boxes at each parish.  These are boxes that look like a white mailbox.  Lift the lid and  place your envelope in the slot.  These locked boxes will be checked daily to ensure the safety of your contributions.  And as always, you may mail your contributions to 17 N. Walnut St., Du Quoin or 533 W. 2nd North St., Tamaroa.

           At Sacred Heart the box is located by the Sacristy door  in the back of the church – if you drive into the parking lot, look for the box which will be facing the rectory.  

At Immaculate Conception the box is located on the porch by the office.  

Thank you for your continued support during this unusual time.  We pray you and your family and friends are all staying well. 

Resources to us during the Corona Virus

Local Parishes Live-Streaming or Video Taped Masses

Carbondale – St. Francis Xavier / Newman Catholic Student Center (Fr. Bob Flannery)
Mass live streamed Sunday-Friday at 9 a.m. at the Newman Center via Facebook
Facebook: Saluki Catholics
Website: stfxcarbondale.org

Marion / Johnston City – St. Joseph / St. Paul
(Fr. Brian Barker)
Weekend Mass and reflections from Fr. Barker recorded YouTube: St. Joseph and St. Paul Catholic Churches
Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church-Marion, IL
Website: stjoseph-stpaul.com

Mt. Vernon – St. Mary
(Fr. John Iffert, V.F.)
Mass live streamed Tuesday-Friday at 8:30 a.m. and Saturday at 5 p.m. via Facebook
Facebook: St. Mary Catholic Church
Website: stmarymtvernon.org

Pinckneyville – St. Bruno / St. Mary Magdalen
(Fr. Augustine Ibezimako)
Weekend Mass live streamed via Facebook
Facebook: St. Bruno Catholic and St. Mary Magdalen Churches
Website: stbrunostmarymagdalen.com

West Frankfort – St. John the Baptist
(Fr. Eusebius Mbidoaka)
Weekend Mass live streamed via YouTube YouTube: St. John the Baptist West Frankfort
Facebook: St. John’s Catholic Church
Website: stjohnschurch-wf.org

  • Watch a televised Celebration of the Eucharist together.

—– EWTN:  https://www.ewtn.com
—– (common link to cable channels is:  https://www.ewtn.com/channel-finder
—– Catholic TV:  https://www.catholictv.org
—– Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire, posts a daily celebration of the Eucharist at 7:15AM. 
—– It can be viewed at any time.  https://www.wordonfire.org/daily-mass/

  • Encourage families to be creative in supporting the faith of their children while at home, e.g., teaching them new prayers, reading and talking about Bible stories. Pray over the readings of the day or the liturgy of the hours.
  • Daily Eucharist Scripture Readings and Prayers:

—– http://www.usccb.org

  • Magnificat:

—– https://us.magnificat.net/free
—– https://latina/magnificat.net/gratis

  • Liturgy of the Hours:

—– https://universalis.com/index.htm
—– https://www.ibreviary.org/en
—– https://www.ebreviary.com
—– https://ebreviary.com/ebreviary/ebreviary.nsf/prayersforeveryone.html

Please find daily reflections for the week under the link: “From the Desk of Fr. Joseph”
(found below under WEB links)

Sunday, May 17, 2020 – Daily Reflection

Little Joy, Great Love

Last Sunday, I shared a reflection about the life of Bill, one of our parishioners who died recently. As I said last Sunday, many will agree that he was a good man who had a quiet but significant impact on the lives of many people. Someone just shared with me a story about an event that brought him so much joy, hope, and love as he was preparing to return to God.

This wonderful man did not have children of his own, but he made sure that all the little ones, and especially those of our parish, were his children in faith and kindness. His birthday was within the week of his death. Being alone most of the time with only one or two family members close by, he was not going to have an extraordinary celebration for his birthday since during that moment his impending death could have been his primary concern. He did not expect much; he was waiting patiently for God to say “Now, my beloved son, some home.”

In his hour of silent waiting, with death just around the corner, when sadness may overshadow the light of life, there was a ray of joy that filled his room in the form of a visit from one of our PSR little ones. He did not go to Bill directly but remembered his birthday by sending him a card. I am told this child from our parish brought warmth into Bill’s fading heart. The little one became a witness to him that God is faithful, and words are valid and valued: “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you” (Acts 8:5-8, 14-17). God came to Bill in the image of a caring, comforting, thoughtful child, confirming what Jesus says today: “I will love him and reveal myself to him” (John 14:15-21).

In as simple an act of love as sending a birthday card, this child of our parish showed Bill that he was loved and remembered. As there is great joy in the city of heaven to receive Bill, there was great joy in his heart when at the point of death, he knew that he was loved, supported, and that he was part of a community that loved him. We might not have been present with him at his point of death as parishioners, but our joy is that the act of little one was a representation of our intention. He made us proud. (Ps 66:1).

I was told that, on the day of his birthday, Bill took the card in his hand, holding it tightly close to his heart as if he had found a treasure of great value, and softly he sang a birthday song to himself. We all join you, Bill, in a song of joy and say: happy birthday, Bill into heaven, and we love you. 

An African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.” By the example set by this child, it seems, sometimes, that a child can raise a village. Please, let us pray for the little ones that they continue to teach us the true meaning of love, care, and joy. They are pure signs of little joys of great love. 

Fr. Joseph Oganda

Sacred Heart Parish of Du Quoin, Illinois – Founded In 1857
Immaculate Conception Parish of Tamaroa, Illinois – Founded in 1904

MAY 17, 2020

We hope your stay in our area is pleasant and enjoyable .
We pray for your safety on your return travel back home.


(as of 3/16/2020)

The Bible Reading Relay has been cancelled until further notice, RCIA and PSR are cancelled until further notice.  Please watch here for continuing information.


Do Not Be Afraid To Be Loved By GOD

This is a powerful summon to all of us. You too need to see the entirety of your life as a mission. Always ask the Spirit what Jesus expects from you at every moment of your life and in every decision you must make, so as to discern its place in the mission you have received.

“Pope Francis Apostolic Letter; “Gaudete et exsultate,”On the call to holiness in today’s world”





“What is the reason for your hope?” Imagine somebody coming up to you and asking you that question. Not “What are you hoping for?” or “What are you hoping to do?” No, this isn’t about our desires for possessions or aspirations for life, it’s “Why do you hope?” Peter today tells us that we ought to be ready to give an answer to this question. Truth be told, few of us spend much time thinking about why we hope. Luckily, the scriptures today give us our answers. We hope because Christ suffered for us, in order that we might come to God. We hope because we know that, in the Spirit, God grants us another Advocate through Christ to remain with us always. No matter what we might hope for, whatever we might hope to do, we must always first know and proclaim the reason for our hope: the presence of God in Christ, with us through the power of the Spirit.

Tom Schmidt, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.

Youth collection for Sister Parish in Tanzania

On hold until Mass resumes.

How can I serve the Church more fully? What can I do to contribute to Jesus’ mission?

Sacred Heart

Saturday, May 16 – Easter Weekday
5:00 pm Mass Intention

  • Marcia Stacey by Larry & Chris Hutson

Sunday, May 17

8:30 am Mass Intention

  • Rita & Josh Harsy by Gina & Joe Cushman
  • Sponsors of CES

Monday, May 18 – Easter Weekday
Saint John I, Pope, Martyr

6:45 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Wilbur Hemmer by The Parish
  • Patricia Wolfe by Juanita Ray
  • Shirley Valerius by Betty & Brenda

Tuesday, May 19 – Easter Weekday
6:30 am Mass Intention

Sponsors of CES
Jeannie Davison by Allen & Sharon Martin

Wednesday, May 20 – Easter Weekday
Saint Bernardine of Siena, Priest

5:30 pm Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Milinda Riggio by Tom & Deb Helmer
  • Ruth Beard by Mary Beth & Joe Lane

Thursday, May 21 – Easter Weekday
Saint Christopher Magallanes, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

6:45 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Scott Isom by Don & Gail Taylor

Friday, May 22 – Easter Weekday
Saint Rita of Cascia, Religious

8:00 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • In Honor of Fr. Joseph Oganda’s 10th Anniversary of Ordination to Priesthood
  • Rita Harsy

Saturday, May 23 – Easter Weekday
5:00 pm Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Shirley Cucchi by Ray & Marlene Kellerman

Sunday, May 24
8:30 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • John Schneider by Anton, Re, & Renee
  • Loretta J. Schneider by Anton, Re, & Renee

Sacred Heart

USHERS for the Month of May

Saturday, 5:00 PM:

Sunday, 8:30 AM:

Saturday, May

Gift Bearers: 
Extraordinary Ministers: 

Sunday, May

Gift Bearers:
Extraordinary Ministers: 

Saturday, May 16

Sunday, May 17

Monday, May 18

Tuesday, May 19

Wednesday, May 20

Thursday, May 21

Friday, May 22

Saturday, May 23

Sunday, May 24


During this time of uncertainty celebrating the sacrament of Reconciliation can be comforting. Confessions can be heard upon request. Please call the rectory at 618-542-3423

Please continue to keep Fr. Walter
in your hearts and in your prayers!

Immaculate Conception

Saturday, May 16 – Easter Weekday

Sunday, May 17
10:00 am Mass Intention

  • The Parish Family

Monday, May 18 – Easter Weekday
Saint John I, Pope, Martyr

Tuesday, May 19 – Easter Weekday

Wednesday, May 20 – Easter Weekday
Saint Bernardine of Siena, Priest

Thursday, May 21 – Easter Weekday
Saint Christopher Magallanes, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

Friday, May 22 – Easter Weekday
Saint Rita of Cascia, Religious

Saturday, May 23; Easter Weekday

Sunday, May 24
10:00 am Mass Intention

  • The Parish Family Sponsors of CES

Immaculate Conception

Sunday, May

Extraordinary Ministers: 
Sweet Treats: 


1. Office Hours: Thursdays from 8AM to 2PM – When office is closed, please call 542-3423 (Sacred Heart) for assistance.

2. Planned Giving: Would you consider Immaculate Conception Church in your will or trust? Do you have an insurance policy that no longer fits your needs? You can donate it to Immaculate Conception Church and receive tax benefits as well as the satisfaction of helping the future of our parishes.

IC Parish Hall Rental Rates

$25/hr – Parishioner
$40/hr – Non-Parishioner
$100 deposit

Please Pray For . . .

Nursing Home: Lynn Finn, Connie Horst, Liz Van Zandt, Shirley Forys, Marie Dubravek, Sally Fontana, Rosalea Prusacki, Anna Roberts.

Sick: Josh Ritter, Linda Meyer, Juanita Ray, Loretta Schneider, Norma Martin, John Dale, Crystal Hurt, Jim Getzie, Joan Kowalski, Terry Chastain, Joann Isom, Mary Iffert, James Feger, Gordon Huffman, Rev. Msgr. Ken Schaefer, Rev. Joseph Rascher, Kyle Crawford, Chris Kelley, Larry Hutson, Nina Gaines, Charlie Bowlin, Helen Mossa, Jo Ellen Rodely, Christine Hutson, Gary Brock, Karen May, Shelia Teriet, Regina Huite, Richard Martin, Merry Jo Arvai, Misty Cole. 

Military Personnel: Col. Aaron S. Cowley, SSgt. Jordan Keller, MGSgt (ret.) Thomas D. Sims, Sgt. Derek S. Sims, ITS1(SS/AW) John Kelley, SSgt. Patrick Kelley, SPC Mark Yanez, PV2 Jared Albers, Lt. Col. Carly Sims, Lt. Col. Cory Jones, Sgt. 1st. Cl. Caleb VanVoorhis, SSgt Tyler Jeffers, Lance Cpl. Drew Ferguson, Petty Ofc. 3rd Class Clayton Wyciskalla, Lance Corporal Noah Mabry U.S.M.C., Major Andrew Martin, USAF Airman E-1 Hunter Hill, Master Sergeant & Medical Intel. NCOIC Terry E. Chastain Jr.

Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion:

Please pray for our:
Candidates & Catechumen – Blake Furlow, Ron Porter, Heather Riley, and David Sheehan who will be joining the Church at the Easter vigil.

Also please pray for our students who are receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion. Confirmation will be held at St. Bruno on Monday, April 20th at 6:30 pm. First Communion will be held on Sunday, April 19th at the 8:30 am Sacred Heart mass. Confirmation class – Grayson Benson, Addison Galbraith, Sydnay Galbraith, Rileigh Harris, Hannah Kelley, Karsen Konkel, Auna McClure, Olivia Numi, Ellie Searby, and Anna Rose Sheehan. 
First Communion class – Ethan Elder, Sophie Kellerman, Mason Kern, Carrigan Kremer, Owen May, Tripp Pfeiffer, and Harrison Still.

Please continue to pray for Tony Kellerman during his second year of studies of the five year program in the Deacon Formation Program.

Sympathy is extended to the Family of
William A. Jasecko
Who passed away Tuesday, May 5th
May he rest in peace.
Please keep his family in your prayers

Groups News:

New Funeral Dinner Committee

We have a new Funeral Dinner Committee. Parishioners will be called for making food dishes and working. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help or contribute any time, please call:

Theresa Swain: 775-934-6366
Patty Reaves: 618-542-6895
Rita Riggio: 618-571-2132
Barb Craft: 618-571-4562
Cyrilla Prusacki: 618-542-3422

Next PSR Classes – Cancelled until further notice

High school youth news…

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA classes- cancelled until further notice.

Each year on Holy Saturday during the Easter Vigil, thousands are baptized into the Catholic Church in the United States. Parishes welcome these new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). USCCB.org. Do you know someone who is seeking a relationship with Christ the Savior? Someone who has fallen away from their faith and is searching for more? Don’t be afraid to ask them to Come & See what RCIA is all about. Classes will be beginning this September. Call the rectory if you would like to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for you!!


Is one of your favorite times to be in Church when it’s quiet and you are alone with your thoughts to the Lord? Then why not come and enjoy that feeling of warmth and love a couple of times a month and join Eucharistic Adoration held at Sacred Heart Church? You can pray, just talk to God or just simply listen to what He has to tell you.

Many have asked why we have a schedule of Adorers. It is because once the Body of Christ is placed into the Monstrance and it is displayed on the altar, it cannot be left alone. Anyone can come at anytime, stay as long as they wish. We are, however, looking for someone to fill a couple of hours during our Adoration time. If you are interested in participating in this devotion please call Lisa Mohr @ 542-4635. God Bless You.

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News For This Week:


When a priest celebrates Mass each day, he offers each celebration of the Eucharist for a particular person, or intention. By doing so he applies special graces from God upon that person or intention.

Would you like to offer a mass for someone special? If so, please contact Kelly at the office (Thursday 496-5867 or any other day 542-3423). Mass intentions are $10 per person.

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Sixth Sunday of Easter
17 May 2020

Acts 8:5-8, 14-17. Psalm 66:1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 16, 20. 1 Peter 3:15-18. John 14:15-21.

Not Orphaned! Because the risen Lord and the Spirit of Truth are always with us, we are not abandoned. Because we are not abandoned, we must exhibit both love and obedience. Saint Peter proclaims in the Second Reading, “Always be ready to give an explanation…for the reason of your hope.” Act accordingly.

  • How will my every action proclaim Christ’s presence in my life and in the life of the world?
  • How can I advocate, aid another’s need this week?
  • Whom will I love, how will I love as Jesus Christ loves me?

To all those entering high school
freshman through recently graduated seniors:

July 10-12 – You are invited to attend a most wonderful, high energy, Steubenville Youth Conference this July in Springfield, Missouri. The conference is hosted by the Archdiocese of St. Louis and is held on the campus of Missouri State University. We will be staying at the University Plaza Hotel which is within walking distance. The weekend begins on Friday, July 10th through Sunday, July 12th. This is a Catholic Conference designed to bring high schoolers into a life-changing encounter with Christ. This summer, over 50,000 Catholic teens across North America will attend one of the 25 conferences. We have reserved ten tickets. Three are already filled. You be the next to come with us for this exciting event. If you are interested, contact Krista Piotrowski at 318-7766 or Chris Kelley at 559-6581.

Pilgrimage – Ireland and Scotland

November 4-16 – Fr. Augustine (St. Bruno) will be leading a Pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland November 4th – 16th, 2020. If anyone has questions or is interested in the pilgrimage they can contact Kacie Davis at the St. Bruno church office. Either at 357-5510 or email stbsmm@yahoo.com

If you know someone who can no longer attend mass, is sick, or homebound but who would like a visit or to receive Communion, please contact Kelly at the rectory office by calling 542-3423, or sending an email to sacredheartduquoin@gmail.com. And if you would like to help by visiting some of those that are homebound, please contact the office also. Together we can celebrate the Year of Mercy!

Televised Sunday Mass

A televised Sunday Mass is now airing on ABC Family from 5:30 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. each Sunday morning. The Sunday Mass is produced by the Passionist Fathers and Brothers out of New York City and in available nationally on local affiliates. This is a special ministry, particularly for the elderly and the infirmed. It’s also available online:  http://thesundaymass.org

EWTN Global Catholic Network

Originally known as the Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN provides inspirational talk shows, original Catholic teaching series, animated programs for kids, live church coverage and documentaries. Tune in to channel 261 on DISH Network Satellite TV, channel 370 on DirecTV, and channel 94 for NewWave Communications for all EWTN has to offer or go to:  http://www.ewtn.com/tv/


Prayer of the Faithful

Our faith and hope are in God who raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Let us bring our prayers before the throne of grace.

For all in our Church who are making their journey of faith and looking to recognize Christ in everyone they meet, let us pray to the Lord.

For an end to human trafficking and slavery and a growing appreciation for the dignity and worth of every person, let us pray to the Lord.

For all who spread the Good News of the risen Christ in the Church’s missions throughout the world, let us pray to the Lord.

For all whose livelihoods are diminished or at risk because of the necessary restrictions in place during the Coronavirus pandemic, let us pray to the Lord.

For all who bring new life into the world and help to sustain it by tending and nurturing the growing things of the earth , let us pray to the Lord.

For all those who are sick, for all who suffer from the Coronavirus, and for all who have died, especially N., N., and N., let us pray to the Lord.

For all the prayers that we hold in the silence of our hearts; for all our intentions spoken and unspoken, let us pray to the Lord.

Gracious God,
you guide us on our life’s journey
with sure signs of your love and concern.
Hear these prayers which we bring you today
and grant them through Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.

St. Bruno
Catholic School News

Learn more about St. Bruno Catholic School at www.stbrunoschool.com


School is closed – watch for updates.

Perry County Marketplace Receipts

St. Bruno School is collecting all Perry County Marketplace receipts dated Sept 1 forward to earn prizes. Receipts can be given to any St. Bruno parent or dropped at the rectory.

Thank You for your continued support! Please pray for the success and longevity of St. Bruno Catholic School!

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Respect Life Corner

In Acts 16, we learn that Paul and Timothy had plans to preach the gospel message to the people of Asia, but they were prevented by the Holy Spirit from doing so. They surely wondered and were not told why. Still, it didn’t prevent them from continuing their mission to proclaim the gospel message. They headed to other areas, Phrygia and Galatia. Their experiences remind us how during this time of uncertainty we are called to do what we can with what we are given. It is our job to “bloom where we are planted”-even if it feels as though we have been planted for a while!

Learn, Act, Connect and Pray– To nurture our spiritual lives, consider adding a daily online Mass or an extra Mass to spend some extra time with our Lord. It will certainly elevate your at-home experience and is the ultimate form of “self- care.”

Like Paul and Timothy, our priests are doing a tremendous job sharing the Good News when things don’t seem so good! God is still in control and willing our good. God calls us to trust in Him. He is in our midst. Celebrate His love for you today!

Parish Staff
for both Churches

Reverend Joseph Oganda
– Pastor of
Sacred Heart Church
Immaculate Conception

Kelly Paxton
– Secretary:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Tony Kellerman
– Maintenance:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Jeremy Cornett
– Parish Council President
Sacred Heart

Tiffany Kujawa
– Parish Council President
Immaculate Conception

Mary Beth Lane
– Coord. of Religious Education
Sacred Heart

Krista Piotrowski
– Youth Minister
Sacred Heart

Parish Contact Information
for both Churches

17 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Rectory Phone – 618-542-3423
Rectory Fax – 618-542-5061

Email – sacredheartduquoin@gmail.com

Sacred Heart Catholic Church:
100 West Main St., Du Quoin, IL 62832
Phone – 618-542-3423
Haffner Hall rental – 618-542-3423

Haffner Hall Phone – 618-542-2285
16 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Parish Council President – 618-542-6298

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
533 W 2nd North St, Tamaroa, IL 62888
Phone – 618-496-5867

Immaculate Conception Hall rental
– 618-496-5867
Parish Council President
– 618-559-1078

– Suzanne McCrary


1. Baptism – During or after weekend Masses by appointment. Must be a registered member and attend baptismal preparation session.

2. Marriage – You must notify the Pastor at least six months prior to preferred wedding date. The sooner the better, since it will give you more time to prepare. This is a diocesan rule. Please do not consider yourself an exception.

3. Reconciliation – See Mass schedule or anytime by appointment.

4. 2019 Parish Council: President: Jeremy Cornett;
Vice President: Gary Brock; Secretary: Betty Eastman
Members: Margie Born, Tony Jones, Joe Lane, Sam Loiacono, Debbie Olinger
Trustees: David Martin and Kathy Scaglione

5. Social Justice Collection – benefit the Food Pantry, Weekend Warriors, Community Clothes Closet, and Sister Parish will be taken up the first Sunday of every month. Please give generously.

6. Family Registration: Please inform the rectory of changes you may have, example: adult children that have moved away from parent’s home, address change, phone number change (removal of house phone), cell phone added or a name change (married). This would be most helpful to ensure ALL parishioners can be included in our Church Family functions. You may call the rectory 542-3423 or place changes in the collection basket. Family Registration may also be picked up in the foyer.

7. Parish Priest and Ministers of the care visit those who are homebound, nursing home residents and hospital patients. If you or someone you know would like a visit please contact the rectory 542-3423.


Every other Wednesday
7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sacred Heart Church

Praying to the Lord! What a beautiful feeling that brings to your life!
If you would like to experience this feeling – come enjoy Eucharistic Adoration!