Sacred Heart Parish of Du Quoin, Illinois – Founded In 1857
Immaculate Conception Parish of Tamaroa, Illinois – Founded in 1890

August 7, 2022

We hope your stay in 0ur area is pleasant and enjoyable .
We pray for your safety on your return travel back home

We hope you will join us again as we continue
to discover the difference God’s love makes in our lives!
We’re blessed because you’re here!

Be prepared always, Jesus tells his disciples in today’s Gospel, for the Son of Man will come like a thief in the night. This is our challenge now. Are we prepared for the day when our time here on earth comes to end? Will we be prepared if it comes this year, this week, or even this day? Today, let us pray that with God’s grace we may always be ready for that day when we see the Lord face to face. May the Eucharist nourish and strengthen us as we grow as disciples.

Are You Talking to Me?

In today’s Gospel Jesus talks about being prepared, using the parable of the servants waiting for their master’s return from a wedding. Parables usually have a surprise twist and this one is no exception. Jesus pictures the master coming back at a late hour and finding the servants ready for him. The master is so pleased that he begins to wait on the servants–he serves them a meal. (I can almost hear the disciples saying, “No way!”)

Peter is a man who is not afraid to speak up or ask a question. That may be one of the reasons Jesus made him the head of the apostles. Perhaps Peter was thinking, “Surely we will be prepared when Jesus comes again. He must be talking about the rest of the people.” When he asks Jesus whom the parable is meant for, Jesus ignores him! At least it seems that way at first. Jesus expands on the theme of readiness by describing the servant who took advantage of the master’s absence–he will be punished severely. To answer Peter’s question, Jesus warns that the servant who knew his duties would be punished more than one who was ignorant of those expectations. Peter and the disciples should have seen themselves as the servants who knew what was expected.

That warning is one for us to hear also. We may look down on non-Christians or wonder if they will get to heaven. But the Lord doesn’t expect as much from those who don’t know God. Instead of judging them, we would be better off looking at ourselves. Am I serious about my faith, serious enough to show it in my actions? Has my good example ever brought a non-believer to the Church? If I can see Jesus in someone who doesn’t know the Lord, the respect I show that person could draw them to believe.

There are examples of this even in your own parish. If you have been in the parish for many years, you could be expected to notice a newcomer more readily. How do you welcome them? Do you get so comfortable with your friends that you don’t think about reaching out to a visitor? I think Jesus would expect those of us who feel at home in our church to make an effort to bring new members into our circle. “So how much does Jesus expect of me?” The answer could be in how well you know Jesus.

Tom Schmidt, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.


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Sacred Heart

Saturday, July 30 – Weekday
Saint Peter Chrysologus, Bishop, Doctor of the Church

4:00 – 4:30 pm Confessions
5:00 pm Mass Intention

  • Paul Smolak by Melanie Smolak
  • Mike Smolak by Melanie Smolak
  • Mark Smolak by Melanie Smolak

Sunday, July 31

8:00 am Rosary
8:00 – 8:15 am Confessions
8:30 am Mass Intention

  • Shirley Buhrmester by Chris Kelley
  • Corky & Josh Ritter by Gary & Barb Brock

Monday, August 1 – Weekday
Saint Alphonsus, Liguori, Bishop, Doctor of the Church

7:00 am Prayer Service

Tuesday, August 2 – Weekday
Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop; Saint Peter Julian Eymard, Priest

8:30 am Mass at St. Bruno

Wednesday, August 3 – Weekday
5:30pm Mass Intention

  • Mary Ellen Helmer by Betty & Brenda

Thursday, August 4 – Weekday
Saint John Vianney, Priest

7:00 am Mass Intentions

  • Don Payne by Anton & family

Friday, August 5 – Weekday
The Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major

7:00 am Mass Intention

  • Shirley Cucchi by Olga Chereso & Family

Saturday, August 6 – Weekday

4:00 – 4:30 pm Confessions
5:00 pm Mass Intention

  • Nina Smith Swan by Joe & Rita Riggio
  • William L. Springer by Henry & Margie Born
  • Rusty Sims by David & Carol Collins

Sunday, August 7

8:00 am Rosary
8:00 – 8:15 am Confessions
8:30 am Mass Intention

  • Sally Fontana by Judith Roth
  • Juanita Ray by Crain Family
  • Ruth Beard by Betty & Brenda


Confessions are now being held in the Confessional at church. Please remember to wear a mask and leave the door slightly open.

Do you have someone who would like a visit?

Parish Priest and Ministers of the care visit those who are homebound, nursing home residents and hospital patients.

If you or someone you know would like a visit please contact the rectory 542-3423.

Sacred Heart

Ushers for month of August

Saturday: Paul Martin, Harold Calderon, Tony Jones 
Sunday: Steve Marek, Jim Derby, Tony Kellerman

Saturday, August 13th – 5:00 pm

Altar Servers: Owen May & Ethan Elder
Lector: Lisa Mohr
Extraordinary Ministers: Priest, Lisa Mohr

Sunday, August 14th – 8:30 am

Altar Servers: Ethan & Adam Bathon
Lector: Mary Beth Lane
Extraordinary Ministers: Priest, Mary Beth Lane

Money Counters – August 15th

Ruth Pierce & Theresa Swain

Saturday, August 6
Second Collection: Social Justice
9 am – Noon – St. Joseph Thrift Store
9:30 am Pickleball at gym

Sunday, August 7
Second Collection: Social Justice

Monday, August 8
8:00 am – 12:00 pm Quilting at Haffner Hall
9-11 am & 5-7 pm St. Joseph Thrift Store Drop off

Tuesday, August 9
8:00 am – 12:00 pm Quilting at Haffner Hall
6:00 pm JOY Cursillo meeting at school

Wednesday, August 10
7 am – 5 pm Eucharistic Adoration
8:30 am Pickleball at gym

Thursday, August 11
9 am – 4 pm St. Joseph Thrift Store open
Choir Practice

Friday, August 12

Saturday, August 13
9 am – Noon – St. Joseph Thrift Store
9:30 am Pickleball at gym

Sunday, August 14

Immaculate Conception

Saturday, August 6 – Weekday

Sunday, August 7

10:00 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Roman Rojek by The Family
  • David Tomaszwqski by 1st National Bank
  • Carlyle Loraine Przygoda by Chris Kelley

Monday, August 8 – Weekday
Saint Dominic, Priest

Tuesday, August 9 – Weekday
Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Virgin, Martyr

8:30 am Mass at St. Bruno

Wednesday, August 10 – Weekday

Thursday, August 11 – Weekday
Saint Clare, Virgin

Friday, August 12 – Weekday
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, Religious

Saturday, August 13 – Weekday
Saints Pontian, Pope, and Hippolytus, Priest, Martyrs

Sunday, August 14

10:00 am Mass Intention

  • Sponsors of CES
  • Rose Marie Pestka
  • Sam Hiller by Robert Przygoda
  • Loraine Przygoda by Sam & Carolyn Hiller

Parish Registration Update

Immaculate Conception Parish will be updating their parish registration system soon. Stay tuned for how you can help the office by filling out the forms to get all of the correct information into the new system. This will be a project that will take some time to complete, but once it is finished it will make sacramental, contributions, reports, etc. easier to maintain.

Immaculate Conception

Ushers for the Month of August

Steve Harris & Ethan / Collin Baggett

Sunday, August 13th

Lector: Jamie Schrader
Altar Servers: Emily Baggett & Easton George
Sweet Treats: Tiffany Kujawa


1. Office Hours: Thursdays from 8AM to 2PM – When office is closed, please call 542-3423 (Sacred Heart) for assistance.

2. Planned Giving: Would you consider Immaculate Conception Church in your will or trust? Do you have an insurance policy that no longer fits your needs? You can donate it to Immaculate Conception Church and receive tax benefits as well as the satisfaction of helping the future of our parishes.

IC Parish Hall Rental Rates

$25/hr – Parishioner
$40/hr – Non-Parishioner
$100 deposit – returned after event if no damage.

Confession at Immaculate Conception

Confessions will be heard in the flower room west of the altar either before or after mass. Please wait in the room for Fr. Carl. If he does not see you, please alert him that you are there for confession.

Please Pray For . . .

Nursing Home:  Lynn Finn, Connie Horst, Shirley Forys, Marie Dubravek, Rosalea Prusacki, Anna Roberts.

Sick: John Dale, Jim Getzie, Joan Kowalski, Terry Chastain, James Feger, Dorothy Alongi, Steve Porter, Matilda Harsy, Chris Kelley, Mary Iffert, Larry Hutson, Eileen Koenegstein, Leonard Rybacki, Paulette Jackson, David Martin, Bob Stewart, Linda Doerr, Helen Polcznski, Bill Baskin, Melissa Knoles, Agnes George, Pam Pereira, Isabel Roade, Mr. & Mrs. Ken Clark, Diane Marks, Wayne Waligorski, Caroline Quinn, Shirley Jean Zoller, Edna Bailey, Marian Whitson, Ricky Farmer, Lindon Paxton, Cassie Chambers, Margie Quillman, Shelly Page, John Yeo, Joan & Ed Coleman, Lonnie James, Devoney Alvis, Janice Johannes, Bill Poiter. 

Military Personnel: Col. Aaron S. Cowley, SSgt. Jordan Keller, MGSgt (ret.) Thomas D. Sims, Sgt. Derek S. Sims, SCPO (SS/AW) John Kelley, SPC Mark Yanez, PV2 Jared Albers, Lt. Col. Carly Sims, Sgt. 1st. Cl. Caleb VanVoorhis, SSgt Tyler Jeffers, Lt. Col. Andrew Martin, USAF Airman E-1 Hunter Hill, Master Sergeant & Medical Intel. NCOIC Terry E. Chastain Jr., Nick Depyatic (Airforce), Garrison Alvis (Marines).

Groups News:

PSR will start in September!

Second grade will be making their first communion and eighth grade will be making their Confirmation.

Registration information will be coming soon.

Funeral Dinner Committee

Parishioners will be called for making food dishes and working. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help or contribute any time, please call:

Theresa Swain: 775-934-6366
Patty Reaves: 618-357-1321
Rita Riggio: 618-571-2132
Barb Craft: 618-571-4562
Cyrilla Prusacki: 618-542-3422

We should be working on June cards. If you need more post-cards or stamps, call Doris. We could use more volunteers also. Please contact Doris Rottschalk if interested in helping or for more information at 618-542-4080 or rottschalk@frontier.com.

Mother Teresa Cursillo Fourth Day group will meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Meeting is at 12:15 pm at Haffner Hall.


Have you ever noticed that the things we expect to fulfill us don’t? Why is life this way? Why are we here? Not just here in these bodies on this planet and in this year. But why do we exist? Why are we filled with longing?

Join us in adult, faith-formation, as we explore questions and mysteries like these. Interested adults, join us every other Wednesday, starting July 20th, right after the 5:30 Mass. We will meet in Haffner Hall, and using the program, The Search, we will explore the answers to these and other questions. For more information contact Tony Kellerman 618-318-0094 or Chris Kelley 618-559-6581.


Are you searching for personal time with God? Time to talk, pray or just listen to Our Lord.

If so, we encourage you to come experience Eucharistic Adoration. Eucharistic Adoration is every other Wednesday at Sacred Heart Church. Some parishioners sign up for an hour time slot, or you can come and spend time – as little or as much as you prefer – between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. If you are looking for more information or you would like to set up a time, please call Lisa Mohr @ 542-4635. Everyone is welcome!

Weekly News:


When a priest celebrates Mass each day, he offers each celebration of the Eucharist for a particular person, or intention. By doing so he applies special graces from God upon that person or intention.

Would you like to offer a mass for someone special? If so, please contact Kelly at the office: 542-3423 (except Thursday’s, call 496-5867). Mass intentions are $10 per person.


It is important to be registered in a parish so sacrament information can be logged and available for reference for any life event that occurs. Please pardon the oversight if you have not been receiving envelopes, or if there has been a life event (new to the parish, marriage, births, new addresses etc.) that we are unaware of. Give the office a call at 542-3423 and we will get you back on the registry and will answer any questions you may have


We are now open on Saturdays from 9 am until noon! We are always needing workers – if you are available to have a good time and like to experience how our faith is working in the community, please consider volunteering to help out!


Monday – August 8th
9-11 am Doris Rottschalk, Linda Elder, Peg Pursell
5-7 pm Barb Craft & Sondra Kuberski

Thursday – August 11th
Store Workers: Don Schutt, Mary Riggio, Patty Reaves, Peg Pursell

Saturday – August 13th
Store Workers: Don Shutt, Mary Riggio, Linda Elder

If you are interested in volunteering to help please contact Shawn Kellerman at 318-6164.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to make this work of charity a success!

St. Joseph Thrift Store
110 W. Main St.
Phone 618-414-8472 or parish office 542-3423



PSR will start in September! Second grade will be making their first communion and eighth grade will be making their Confirmation. Registration information will be coming soon.


The Veteran’s Program will again be held at the Du Quoin Fair on Sunday August 28th. They are again asking if our parish could possibly make desserts again. They were so appreciative of it last year. They are expecting around 400 for the dinner. Gaye Eisenhauer will again pick up from Haffner Hall on SATURDAY the 27th of August.

Please no cream pies due to refrigeration. It can be anything from cakes to pies to desserts to cookies, rice crispness, brownies….etc. Please call Gina Cushman with any questions at 618-357-1387.


The Diocese of Belleville’s Cursillo in Christianity, a world-wide movement of the Catholic laity, men (August 18th—21st, 2022) at King’s House in Belleville. If you long for a closer life-long relationship with Jesus please prayerfully consider attending. For more information or to register please contact Garry Range (618-401-9677) or via the web at http:// bellevillecursillo.org/.

The 2022 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal
Go and do likewise… -Luke 10:37

Did you know YOUR GIFT to The 2022 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal can be made online? Visit your Belleville Diocese’s website at www.diobelle.org and click on “Giving”. It’s that simple! Every donation – large or small – is needed to continue our diocesan ministry to those in need. We are counting on YOU. Please visit www.diobelle.org today!

Don’t miss the Messenger’s Priest Appreciation issue September 1, 2022!

Parishioners are invited and encouraged to comment on how your priest’s pastoral ministry has affect your spiritual and personal life or the parish community. Please send comments to messenger@diobelle.org. To purchase a Priest Appreciation paid advertisement contact Bernadette at 618-722-5047 or by email at advertising@bellevillemessenger.org.

Also don’t miss Bishop McGovern’s inspiring column in every issue!

“A woman with an unexpected pregnancy may have any number of fears and challenges: facing judgment from her friends and family, losing her job or housing, or being abandoned by the father of her child. Following Mary’s example, we can ask ourselves how to better know these mothers, listen to them, seek understanding, and help them obtain the necessities of life for themselves and their children”

USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities “Called to Serve Moms in Need”

FORMED – The Catholic Faith. On Demand

Diving into the beauty of the Faith has never been easier: at home, on the go, or from any internet connected device.

Discover thousands of books, audio talks, movies, documentaries, and studies…there is something for every member of the family to help them grow closer to Christ and His Church

To gain access to all of FORMED’s content, follow these simple steps:

Go to https://signup.formed.org/
Enter our parish’s zip code (62832) Enter your name and your email address

That’s it! You’re in. Now you can get the free FORMED app for your phone by searching FORMED Catholic in your app store.

St. Christopher K of C FISH FRY FRY-DAYS

The St. Christopher K of C will have “Fish Fry-Days” dinners on August 12th, September 9th and October 14th from 4 – 7 pm at the Christopher Columbian Club Hall, 109 N. State St., Christopher, IL. Proceeds will help benefit the annual Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program.


SATURDAY, August 13th
Radom Illinois
Polka Mass at 4:00 pm
Fried Chicken & Roast Pork Dinner 3:00 – 7:30 pm Handmade Quilt & Cash Bingo starts at 6:30 pm Raffle, Cake stand, Basket stand, kid games, Flea Market Lunch stand & Refreshments
Music provided by Polka Connection
Car & Truck Show


Saturday August 20th
Hecker, IL 15 miles south of Belleville on Route 159 Old Fashioned Fried Chicken & Pork Sausage Dinner Family Style Buffet – Serving begins at 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm 6:30 pm Quilt Bingo
7 – 11 pm Music by Pick N an Grin N


Our Annual Quilt & Cash Bingo will be here before you know it! This years bingo is on Sunday October 16th and we are needing Quilts and Raffle Prizes. Please contact Diana Majewski at 618-318-1306 if you have donations or any questions.

If anyone would like to purchase a quilt for our Quilt Bingo please contact Diana Majewski 618-318- 1306. She will give you names of who to contact to buy one.

If anyone has raffle prizes to donate bring them to church or contact Tiffany Kujuwa at 618-559-1078. Thank you!

Homebound, Nursing Home Residents and Hospital Patients

Parish Priest and Ministers of the care visit those who are homebound, nursing home residents and hospital patients. If you or someone you know would like a visit please contact the rectory 542-3423.

210 N Gordon St
Pinckneyville, IL 62274
(618) 357-8276

* Link to school lunches in August


Please pray for all of our students as they return for a new school year. May they grow and prosper in the faith of Jesus Christ.


The School is selling used MacBooks for $200 each. Call the school if interested.

Principal Position Open– Please call the school office at 618-357-8276 if interested.

School Office Hours – for summer break will be Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9am-2pm unless otherwise posted.

Saint Ann Catholic School in Nashville, IL

is currently accepting applications for a Third & Fourth Grade teacher
for the 2022-23 school year.

An Illinois Teaching License is required. Applicants need to be current on curriculum standards, experience with Google Classroom is preferred, and dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our youth. Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to the following:
Email: principal@stannnashville.org
Mail: Saint Ann Catholic School

Attn: Principal
675 South Mill Street Nashville, IL. 62263

“As the son of Polish immigrants, I grew up in a good Catholic home. But it wasn’t until I began participating in our parish youth group that I embraced the faith as my own and fell in love with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. A girl I was dating went to daily Mass, and I began going with her. It didn’t take long for my focus to shift from her to what took place in the sanctuary – God coming down to be with his people. I found myself with thoughts like, ‘how would I preach on that Gospel”. I wrestled with the idea of becoming a priest often…. Following high school graduation, I entered seminary and eight years later I was ordained a priest. If God calls you to the priesthood, nothing on earth will give you greater joy.”

Fr. Michael Niemczak;
Archdiocese of Santa Fe N.M. 
Columbia Magazine January, 2020

Parish Staff
for both Churches

Father Carl Schrage
– Pastor of
Sacred Heart Church
Immaculate Conception

Kelly Paxton
– Secretary:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Tony Kellerman
– Maintenance:
Sacred Heart
Immaculate Conception

Cara Alongi – 618-201-0699
– Parish Council President
Sacred Heart

Jamie Schrader – 618-318-3900
– Parish Council President
Immaculate Conception

Janet Hayden
– Coord. of Religious Education
Sacred Heart & Immaculate Conception

Krista Piotrowski
– Youth Minister
Sacred Heart & Immaculate Conception

Parish Contact Information
for both Churches

17 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Rectory Phone – 618-542-3423
Rectory Fax – 618-542-5061

Email – sacredheartduquoin@gmail.com

Sacred Heart Catholic Church:
100 West Main St., Du Quoin, IL 62832
Phone – 618-542-3423
Haffner Hall rental – 618-542-3423

Haffner Hall Phone – 618-542-2285
16 N. Walnut, Du Quoin, IL 62832
Parish Council President – 618-542-6298

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
533 W 2nd North St, Tamaroa, IL 62888
Phone – 618-496-5867

Immaculate Conception Hall rental
– 618-496-5867
Parish Council President
– 618-559-1078

– Suzanne McCrary

Parish Notes:

RECONCILIATION: See Mass Schedule or anytime by appt.
BAPTISM: During weekend Masses by appt. Must be a registered member and attend baptismal preparation session.
MARRIAGE: At least six months prior notification to the pastor.
HOLY MASS: See Mass Schedule